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The Gym

Revolution Fitness strives to earn their customer’s satisfaction by taking care of its members needs and concerns as well as keeping the facility clean and well maintained.

Due to COVID-19, we have encouraged Social Distancing throughout the gym, masks worn when not exercising, and our consistent cleaning. Please continue to help us clean machines once you have completed your usage.

Gym Equipment

Cardio Room
Stair Master
Stationary Bike
Rowerg Rower 

Leg Room
Hip Thrust
Hack Squat
Multifunctional Squat Rack
Leg Press
Calf Raise Machine

Functional Room
Medicine Balls
Yoga Balls
Battle Ropes
Yoga Mats

Rowerg Rower

Main Gym Floor
Assisted Machines
Hyperextension Bicep Curls
Pull Up Machine
Tricep Extension
Ab Crunch
Inner/Outer Thigh
Rotary Shoulder
Rotary Upper Back
Oblique Twist
Leg Press
Chest Press
Chest/Back Fly Machine
Leg Curl
Leg Extension​
Row Machine
Preacher Curl Bench
Bench Press (Incline, Decline, and Sitting)
Multifunctional Cables
Free Weights
Weighted Bars
Lateral Pull Down
Leg Raise
Smith Machine

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